Why Most Homeowners Prefer Using Post Mount Letterboxes

Sandleford There are numerous types of items homeowners can invest in to help make homes appealing. Some of these items are also important to secure personal belongings. So, when it comes to mails and packages, homeowners need to invest in letterboxes.

Letterboxes these days come in different sizes, colours and shapes. However, there are some homeowners who prefer certain types of letterboxes. And, the most preferred type of letterbox is the post mount. To know more, below are some of the reasons why homeowners prefer such letterbox.

Wide selection of styles and designs

First and foremost, a lot of homeowners prefer using post mount letterboxes since they have a wide selection of styles and designs to choose from. There are numerous types of letterboxes that feature appealing styles. But, when planning to purchase post mount letterboxes, homeowners have better selections. Because of this, they can find the ideal letterbox that can complement their home and property.

Better visibility

Another reason why homeowners prefer using post mount letterboxes is due to its visibility. As of now, wall and fence mounted letterboxes are becoming popular. However, the problem with these letterboxes is it is hard to see. Thus, there are instances when mails and packages are sent back to the sender. With the use of a post mount letterbox, mails and packages can be delivered easily. Plus, post mount letterboxes can also help you make your address more visible. This is possible since some letterboxes have special mounts for address plates.

SandlefordBetter durability

There are also some homeowners to prefer using post mount letterboxes due to its durability. Most letterboxes are made from reliable and durable materials. However, when it comes to post mount letterboxes, homeowners can get the most out of their money since all post mount letterboxes are made from the best materials such as stainless steel. Other than that, some parts of this letterbox are powder coated to prevent rust and to withstand different weather conditions. Because of this, homeowners are rest assured that mails and packages are secured.

Easier to install and to repair

Finally, post mount letterboxes are easy to install and to repair. When installing such letterbox, homeowners do not need to make use of special tools. Other than that, some product providers also offer stand for such letterboxes to ensure that installation is more efficient. Meanwhile, when it comes to repairs, homeowners can easily disassemble the letterbox and repair it.

These are only some of the reasons why more and more homeowners prefer post mount letterboxes for their homes.

By : Mary Sands – Info Source From Sandleford


Pros And Cons Of Using Wall Mounted Letterboxes

SandlefordAs of now, homeowners have different options when planning to purchase letterboxes. Because of this, it is important for homeowners to be aware about the pros and cons of each type of letterboxes. To help homeowners in purchasing for the right mailbox for their homes, below are the advantages as well as disadvantages of making use of letterboxes.

Advantages of wall mounted letterboxes

Safer mails and packages – One of the main advantages of wall mounted letterboxes is homeowners can increase the safety of mails and packages. Most of the time, letterboxes most especially post mounted ones are prone to weather issues. Plus, these mailboxes are commonly tampered by thieves. Fortunately, wall mounted letterboxes are more durable since it is installed in walls.

Easy accessibility – When making use of wall mounted letterboxes, homeowners have better access to mails and packages since most wall mounted letterboxes are installed in walls near the front door. Because of this, important mails can be received immediately.

Increased home aesthetics – With the use of wall mounted letterboxes, homeowners can also increase home aesthetics. This is possible since most of these letterboxes have intricate designs. In addition, most letterboxes can complement any home designs.

Disadvantages of wall mounted letterboxes

Like any other items, wall mounted letterboxes have certain drawbacks. These include the following.

SandlefordLower visibility – One of the main issues homeowners experience when using wall mounted letterboxes it is hard to find. There are instances when the mailman cannot find your letterbox since it appears to be the same as your walls. As a result, mails and small packages will be sent back to the sender.

Need of special tools – In order to install wall mounted letterboxes, homeowners sometimes need to make use of special tools for drilling walls. Other than drilling tools, there are cases when homeowners need to make use of other equipment like hammer and chisel. Some homeowners even require other tools most especially if their walls are quite hard.

Longer installation tasks – Finally, with regard to installation, homeowners need to spend longer time in installing letterboxes most especially if you do not have the right installation tools. Homeowners also need to find the right location for the letterboxes to ensure that the mailman can find it easily and efficiently.

These are only some of the things homeowners need to know when planning to purchase wall mounted letterboxes from reliable providers which can help them make their selection better.

About the author: Richard Swann is a writer and a follower of Sandleford. It is a company that offers a wide selection of letterboxes that can accommodate every homeowner’s need. To know more, go to this site.