Why Do You Need Roof Flashings At Home?

02Roof is the shelter of the house and therefore becomes a significant part of it. This is the part of the house that needs extensive maintenance to withstand extreme weathers. Nobody wants to deal with leakages during the rainy season. To prevent this from happening, it’s best to install roof flashing to defend against penetration of water inside your home.

Flashings are made of different types of materials. They can be composed of aluminum or galvanized metal. Aluminum seems to a much popular choice amongst homemakers because of the fact that it does not rust easily. Aluminum is also preferred as the material for roof flashing because it can be easily bent into desired shape and size. Ideally speaking you must install roof flashing at all places where there is any type of penetration in the roof or where two different surfaces meet. There are different types of roof flashings to suit different needs.

Another very significant note that must be kept in mind while installing colorbond flashings is to always install it in co-ordination with other protective sealant sand layers. This will surely ensure a leak free roof for years to come.