Tips For Efficient Lawn Care In Braintree MA

1You and your family might have chosen to buy a home that has a small lawn. Besides, a house can become more inviting and prettier if there is a patch of green and some colourful blooms. In fact, this can boost the property’s value, which is a plus factor in case you would want to sell your property later on.

But this does not mean that homeowners must become a pro in terms of maintaining a healthy, beautiful lawn. If you are a property owner wanting to learn how to take care of your little piece of nature, lawn care experts in Braintee, MA have shared some tips.

Lawn Care Tips To Consider

Mow your lawn – It might appear like any teenager can handle a lawn mower and push it all over a lawn and expect to get the best results. Well, experts have emphasized that this task will involve a bit more thought and care than that. You need to mow as needed and most importantly, to follow the one-third rule. As for the frequency, it changes depending on the season.

Water it right – Water your lawn early in the morning since this is the best time for the grass to drink up the water in needs to thrive. Also, the early morning sunshine can efficiently dry the lawn to lessen the chances of disease setting in from prolonged moisture. Moreover, water only once or twice a week – be sure though that you water it enough to wet the soil deep down. This will cause the roots to grow longer and be more drought-tolerant.

2Feed the grass – Your lawn will need food and this is in the form of fertilizer. Generally, those living in the northern United States must fertilize in fall and spring whereas those in the southern part must do it in summer and spring.

Properly treat the weeds – It is very common for you to find a weed or two shooting up between the grass blades in your lawn. When there are too many to pull out by hand, consider using a weed killer specific for the kind of weed you have on your lawn. Some of the most common are broadleaf weeds like clovers, dandelions, and dollarweed. Today, there are liquid weed killers that can be sprayed onto the offending plant or granular weed-and-feed forms that you can purchase. Consider having a conversation with a professional regarding the best products you must buy, along with the best times to use them.

Carrying out lawn care tasks on your own can definitely be a very rewarding experience if you step out of your home and see that the green space is tidy, neat, and thriving. If you do not have enough time to handle all these tasks, you can always ask experts to carry them out on your behalf. With their equipment, tools, and industry experience, lawn care specialists will definitely help you achieve your dream of living in a property with a healthy, attractive lawn all year round.

About the author: Manuel Lawrent is a homeowner who spends time taking care of his lawn to make sure that it is always good-looking and healthy. He is very glad to have lawn care experts whom he can call in case he cannot do his lawn care duties. He recommends checking out for more info about this.