Lawn Care Tips And Tricks Frisco Property Owners Should Try

trusted lawn care company in Frisco,TexasHaving good, sufficient outdoor space is the goal of many property owners in Frisco today. With a lawn, families will have plenty of space where they can do or engage in various outdoor activities. A well-manicured and landscaped lawn can also work as a great venue for parties and for entertaining guests. Simple usual activities such as reading, painting, and playing with your kids or pets will also be more fun when they take place outdoors, on your lawn.

Property owners will certainly enjoy doing a lot of things on a well-maintained lawn. However, the key word here is well-maintained; if you have an unkempt lawn, you and your family won’t want to spend time out in your outdoor space.

Lawn Care Tips And Tricks

If you want to have a functional and attractive lawn, you need to take care of and maintain it properly. Below are some tips and tricks for good lawn care Frisco property owners should be trying out:

• Be careful with your choice of and use of fertilizers. Fertilizers can either be organic or inorganic. If you will use organic fertilizers beyond the recommended amount, you will end up wasting your time and effort without improving the soil condition. If you plan on using synthetic fertilizers, do not apply too much. The excess chemicals can build up in the soil and eventually damage the grass or turf. In addition, the buildup of synthetic chemicals in the soil can strip it off of certain vital nutrients.

lawn care company in Frisco, Texas• Convert clippings into mulch. Instead of bagging the grass clippings after mowing your lawn, simply leave these on top of the turf. They will naturally become mulch for your turf. Grass clippings as mulch offer several benefits. First, the mulch can prevent the growth of weeds. It can also improve the soil condition. Lastly, mulch acts as an effective buffer against heavy foot traffic.

• Aerate your lawn three to four times a year. If you plan on using your lawn for regularly entertaining guests and other activities that will subject your turf to heavy foot traffic, you need to have the soil aerated three to four time annually. Regular aeration can save your soil from the effects of severe compaction.

• Take care of your tools and equipment. Lastly, you won’t be able to maintain the good quality of your lawn if your tools and equipment aren’t in great condition. Make sure that you regularly inspect your lawn mower. Clean the blades after each use and find out if they are still sharp or need replacement. Dull blades on your mower can stress the grass and undermine its ability to become healthy.

About the Author:

Nina Solis is a landscape design and maintenance consultant. She frequently visits the website of CitiTurf to read more tips and other posts about lawn care in Frisco.


Specialists In Kansas City Shared Some Lawn Care Basics

5ts1In terms of lawn care, Kansas City, KS locals have plenty of pieces of advice from other sources. Though most of these are well-meaning in nature, some might be outdated or wrong. Moreover, there is no need for you to complicate matters. Lawn specialists in Kansas emphasized that you must learn as well as master the basics prior to moving to more advanced concepts.

The Basics Of Lawn Care

Mowing – Invest a significant amount of your resources in lawn mowing to make the grass grow thick. Cutting no more than a third off the blade of the grass is the important thing to remember here. Apart from that, you have to switch patterns and directions each lawn mowing session as this will help prevent the grass from being pushed in a similar direction.

Fertilizing – Each time you mow the grass, valuable nutrients can be removed from it. Hence, you must replace those nutrients to keep the grass healthy. When it comes to applying fertilizers, you have to follow the instructions found on the package to avoid harming your lawn.

6ts2Weed Control – Some weeds can be removed mechanically. For smaller weeds, it is best removed by using a scarifier. Professionals say that herbicides must only be used as a last resort. However, experts might recommend restructuring the soil and covering it up using rolled turf when your lawn has overrun with weeds.

Aeration – The grass’ roots will need air for optimal growth. Sometimes, though, the soil can’t facilitate proper airflow since it is not sandy enough. Using a digging fork to create holes on the lawn is the simplest thing you can do. After that, fill these with coarse sand.

Scarification – This will entail the removal of dead roots and other debris over your lawn. This will allow the grass to breathe as well as facilitate the growth of the stems.