Lebanon Lawn Care Specialists Share Some The Usual Indicators Of An Unhealthy Lawn

leading lawn care service provider in OhioMost of the time, it may seem like there’s to be no end to your gardening woes. Weeds are always threatening to overcome your lawn. It might also seem like the brown spots you have on your lawn don’t seem to be getting better; on the contrary, they may appear to be getting worse and worse by the day.

If you have no idea why you’re diligence in lawn care is not yielding the results you want, it’s highly likely that you’re doing something wrong. There are some important principles that must be observed when carrying out lawn care. Lebanon experts say that you may be repeatedly committing some gardening mistakes that is costing you the good condition of your lawn.

Lawn care pros in Lebanon share below the common indicators of improper lawn care and some tips on how to correct them to restore the good health of your turf.

Brown spots on your lawn. If your lawn is more brown than green, it means you have a huge fungus problem. Generally, fungi thrive when it’s incredibly hot and humid. As such, don’t use lawn boosters like compost when you have fungi in your lawn since this will only encourage them to proliferate. In addition, avoid watering too frequently to prevent its spread. For this type of problem, you will most likely need trained professionals for proper treatment.

trusted lawn care service provider in OhioYou have a yellow lawn. A yellow turf indicates iron deficiency due to over-watering and an acidic soil. To solve this issue, the first step you have to take is to stop using limestone if you are using this to boost your lawn. Limestone can elevate pH levels and burn your turf. You should water less if you want to restore the lush green appearance of your lawn. You can also consider applying a bit of sulfur on your turf.

The presence of dandelions. Although dandelions can add a splash of color to your lawn, they are still weeds; hence they can rob your grass of essential nutrients. You can prevent the growth and spread of dandelions with aeration and annual de-thatching.

Crabgrass mixing with your monoculture turf. Lastly, this is another type of weed that can rob grass of the nutrients it need. Crabgrass tends to grow easily if the lawn is watered too much. They can overtake your monoculture turf if you don’t kill them off right away. To get rid of crabgrass, use white vinegar or an herbicide even before they start appearing.

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Lorna Welles is a horticulture specialist. She encourages Lebanon, Ohio locals to read more about lawn care on Degree Lawn & Landscape’s website.


Cost-Effective Landscaping For Sycamore, IL Homeowners

3Landscaping does not need to cost a lot of money even with professional help. In fact, if you employ the services of the pros in landscaping, Sycamore, IL lawn experts say, you’ll even find out how you can further slash the cost of the project because they know all the cost-saving strategies for landscaping. And when it comes to cost-saving strategies for landscaping, here are some tips regarding cost-effective landscaping.

They are so much easier to maintain and they are among the cheapest options at the garden store. For $50, you can get several varieties of different shapes and colors that will flourish abundantly over the changing seasons.

It is also best to fill your plant and flower beds with native hardy shrubs and flowers. They are going to be some of the most affordable plants in the selection at the nursery because they’re from the region. Also, native plants don’t require special tonics to survive because they are naturally acclimatized to your region.

Create a mix of turf and pebbles. This will not only achieve a different look for your landscape but it’s going to save you money by decreasing your outdoor space’s water consumption. Also, the area where you use pebbles (or sand, if you like) can save you money on fertilizers and even pest control. In fact, if you use sand, you can reduce the likelihood of termite infestation.

To cover a part of your landscape with rock, pebbles or sand, you can expect to spend less than a hundred dollars. Introduce succulents. Succulents don’t cost much and you can get a large variety without spending a lot of money. Likewise, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to really enhance the dimensions of your outdoor space. Best of all, they require almost no maintenance or care to spread well.

Finally, add a pergola. This is not only a romantic feature but it’s functional as well. Building a pergola does not cost much, but the great advantage with it, especially in enhancing your landscape, is that it can provide support to climbing plants that can add dimension to the outdoor space.