The Top Reasons Why You Should Never Handle Small Bathroom Renovations On Your Own

Leading bathroom renovation company in PerthDue to the influx of numerous home improvement shows on TV, a lot of people are inspired and encouraged to do these DIY projects in their properties. These various TV series shows projects of small and large proportions on how to correctly remodel the kitchen, living room, the bedroom and of course, the bathroom.

Though these shows make it look like these DIY home projects are simple and easy to do, most of these are really not. This is especially true for bathroom renovation projects.

Why You Shouldn’t Handle Bathroom Renovation Projects On Your Own

reputable bathroom renovation company in PerthWhen it comes to bathroom renovations, DIY can be a huge risk. Below are the top reasons to not DIY small bathroom renovations:

It will cost you time. A proper bathroom renovation project usually takes 12 different tradesmen. These include the designer or drafter, a plumber, tiler, plasterer, cabinet-maker, stonemason, fixings installer and painter, among others. Do you have the time to get at least 3 quotes from each professional tradesman? That means meeting with at least 2 dozen different businesses just to get quotes. You will have to meet and supervise each trade on site to make sure they are on schedule for the next. And you would have to visit various tiles stores to pick out the tiles and determine how many you need. You will also have to spend time to personally visit different plumbing suppliers to find out what supplies you’ll need.

trusted bathroom renovation company in PerthYou won’t be able to depend on warranty. What will you do when you see moisture building up outside the shower wall? Who will you call? And who was responsible for this issue? Each tradesman you hired can easily pass the buck and good luck trying to get any on them to come back after you have paid them.

You run the risk of lowering the value of your home. DIY renovation projects don’t usually add value to any home. If you decide to sell your home in the future, a buyer with a keen eye could pick up the fact that the job hasn’t been done by professionals and might not feel confident about the quality or longevity of the purchase. Building inspectors are also likely to notice a DIY job and report this back to the potential buyer. If the quality of workmanship is inferior, this will diminish your sale price, possibly reducing any profit you might have made in much the same way as under-capitalising on a renovation.

You may end up paying more for this project. Finally, do you think you can pull off a DIY bathroom renovation project without any hitches? One wrong move could end up costing you thousands. Bathroom renovation experts say that this type of project would require you to schedule at least eight different tradesmen in perfect sequence and ensure they do their job correctly before you pay them. This is a time-consuming task that without any experience can be a nightmare that leaves your bathroom full of mistakes costing you money in the long run.